Rules & Constitution

Club Rules
This list is not exhaustive, it only outlines the main and specific rules that should be adhered to AT ALL TIMES whilst on the lake. The bailiff and committee’s decision is final.
Barbless hooks only.
Two keep nets must be used at all times – 1 silverfish and 1 carp.
No meat products of any type to be used on the hook or as feed (includes luncheon meat, dog and cat food, pepperami, etc).
All feeder and ledger rigs to be free running, no fixed rigs.
No night fishing.
All fish to be returned to the lake – no transfer or removal of fish from the lake.
Fish to be treated with respect – care must be taken whilst handling fish.
No litter – all litter must be taken home with you – You brought it, YOU take it home!

Match Rules 
The match rules are a combination of our club rules plus some ‘match specific’ rules
On arrival at the lake, all nets are to be stretched out on the bank and allowed to dry. Prior to the match starting.
A limit of 50lbs of fish maximum in any net during a match..

Lakeview Rules 
Lakeview fishery has a strict set of rules that must be adhered to whilst fishing on their lakes. These rules apply to all anglers fishing their lakes, including Asfordby and Melton members. A full list of rules can be found at the bait bar on site.