Club Membership


Membership Information
Membership runs from the 1st of June to the 31st of May. Subscriptions are due from the month of May for the following year.
Membership in the Asfordby and Melton Society of Anglers offers the angler:
  • Free fishing on ‘The Club Lake’
  • Discounted Fishing on the other lakes on the lake view complex
  • Annual Newsletters
  • Access to club matches
  • Discount at Melton Angling Centre on the production of club cards.
The membership card must be valid (Must have a photo, address, and signed to be valid) and carried at all times, failure to do so will result in being charged a full-day ticket price or being asked to leave the club lake.
Membership Loyalty – Gold Card 
The Club operates a membership loyalty scheme that allows a member a gold ticket level of membership after 2 years of continuous subscription.
Existing members must renew their membership through the Membership Secretary to receive the Gold Membership.
Gold membership allows fishing on all lakes at the Lake View Complex free of charge (subject to availability and match bookings).
If a member renews their membership through Melton Angling or Lakeview Bait Bar, this will restart their subscription and they will have to remain a member for 2 years to qualify for this benefit.
Senior Membership£50
Senior Citizen & Registered Disabled Membership£30
Junior Membership£20