Match Rules

The match rules are a combination of our club rules plus some ‘match specific’ rules

  • On arrival at lake all nets are to be stretched out on the bank and allowed to dry. Prior to match starting.
  • A limit of 50lbs of fish maximum in any net during a match.
  • Barbless hooks only.
  • Two keep nets must be used at all times – 1 silver fish 1 carp.
  • No meat products of any type to be used on the hook or as feed (includes luncheon meat, dog and cat food, pepperami, etc).
  • All feeder and ledger rigs to be free running, no fixed rigs.
  • No night fishing.
  • All fish to be returned to lake – no transfer or removal of fish from the lake.
  • Fish to be treated with respect – care must be taken whilst handling fish.
  • No litter – all litter must be taken home with you – You brought it, YOU take it home!