Evening Match Series 17

Thursday Evening Match Series

Thursday Evening Series June 8th
Despite the heavy rain and strong winds weights were good from all around the lake on the first round of the evening matches.
Clear winner was Paul Clifton on peg 12. Paul fished paste at 11m then switched to pellet to finish with 38lb.
Runner up Steve Fletcher on 3 only had one skimmer in the first half of the match, then a switch to fishing in the margins saw him netting some quality carp for 23lb 13oz. Mike Smith was regretting losing two carp in the last few minutes as he weighed in 22lb 12oz from peg 8. Paul Turner on 17 completed the top four with 20lb 11oz.

Evening match, June 15th. Club lake.
Bob Dyer made a winning return to the club lake on the second match of the evening series. Drawn on peg 5 be fished dead red maggots over groundbait in the margins catching carp to 4lb in his weight of 25lb 3oz
Second was last weeks winner Paul Clifton again fishing paste, this time on peg 17 weighing in 19lb 13oz. Steve Fletcher on 21 took third fishing corn down the margins for17lb. Fourth was Mike Smith with 15lb 1oz on pellet shallow on the pole.

Evening match, June 22nd. Club lake
A very close result on this one with Paul Clifton coming out on top by one ounce.
Drawn on peg 20 Paul caught mainly on pellet fished shallow on the pole but had a few late fish on paste in the margins to weigh in 37lb 10oz.
At the other end of the lake on peg 10 Bob Dyer (pictured) fished corn over pellet down the margins for a very close second of 37lb 9oz. Colin Way took third with 24lb 6oz on the pole from peg 8, with Steve Fletcher on 17, fourth with 15lb 10oz. There was a tie for fifth with Paula Goldie on 5 and Karl Nichols on 2 both weighing 14lb 6oz.

Evening match June 29th, Club lake.
Round four of the evening series and a third win for Paul Clifton, drawn on peg 3 Paul fished method feeder catching most of his fish on maggot to weigh in 22lb 7oz.
Runner up Steve Fletcher on 21 fished the pole catching in both the open water and down tbe margins for 21lb 3oz. Phil Wright took third with 17lb 4oz fishing his left hand margin on 12. Paul Turner was fourth with 14lb 5oz from 5 just pushing Karl Nicholson with 14lb3oz into fifth place from 10.

Evening match, July 6th. Club lake.
Winner was Paul Turner drawn on peg 1 fishing maggot on the pole for a mainly carp weight of 26lb 3oz.
Steve Fletcher on 4 fished corn down his right hand margin to finish second with 23lb 2oz. A close third was Paul Clifton with 22lb 10oz on caster fished shallow from peg 8. Karl Nicholson on 21 was fourth with 18lb 13oz, Mike Smith completing the top five with 15lb 1oz from peg 10.

Evening match, July 13th, Club lake.
Paul Clifton scored his fourth win of the evening series and looks odds on to take the overall title. Drawn on peg 5 Paul fished method feeder with pellet tight to the island for most of his fish, but he also had a few fish on the pole in the margins finishing with 29lb 2oz.
Runner up was Mike Smith fishing corn along the margins on peg 9 for 20lb 12oz. Third was Paul Turner on 22 with 17lb 6oz mainly on paste. Karl Nickolsen took fourth with 16lb 1oz from 20 with Steve Fletcher completing the top five from peg 2 with a level 10lb.

Evening match, Club lake, July 20th.
Karl Nickolson won the latest match of the evening series. Drawn on the bonus peg 24 he fished pellet on the pole in the open water and down the margin for a weight of 31lb 15oz.
Steve Fletcher took second from peg 1 catching most of his fish on corn down the left hand margin to finish with 27lb 12oz. Third was Danny Tarret with 15lb 1oz on pellet from peg 22. Mike Smith on 4 had 13lb 13oz on the feeder with Jenny Smith completing the top five with 9lb 2oz from peg 20.

Evening match July 27th, Club lake.
Winner was Steve Fletcher fishing shallow on the pole for 22lb 3oz from peg 20. Karl Nickelson drew the same peg he won from the previous week but had to settle for second this time with 17lb 4oz from 24. Third was Paul Turner with 14lb 4oz on maggot from peg 7 with junior Chris Randall taking fourth with 7lb 2oz from 3.

Evening match August 3rd, Club lake.
This was the last round of the evening series. Winner was Mike Smith drawn on peg 20, he fished pellet shallow on the pole for a mainly F1 weight of 25lb 3oz.
Runner up was the evening series winner Paul Clifton on peg 3 who started on method feeder then switched to fishing the pole down the margins to net a few late carp to finish with 22lb 15oz. Steve Fletcher took third with 14lb 5oz on the pole from 1. Fourth was Karl Nickelson on 5 with 10lb on feeder with Jenny Smith taking fifth with 7lb 11oz from 24 also on the feeder.