Club Waters

The club waters are based in the Leicestershire country side. The main Club lake is at Lakeview Fisheries, Holwell.

With the purchase of a Club Card it will entitle you to fish the Members Only Club lake as well as a discounted day ticket on the other waters on the complex. (Go to membership page for extra information).

The ‘Club’ Lake

This is a mixed lake with a good stock level of many different species; Roach, Rudd, Carp, Skimmers, Chub, Tench.

Approx 1 Acre, it has 25 pegs with a central Island. Depths range from 3-6 foot. The lake can accommodate all methods with the Island ranging from 14m to 30m away from the bank.

Match Weights regularly exceed a 30lbs mixed bag and a 3hour evening match needing double figures to frame.

Current 5 hour match record stands at 50lbs. With the 3 hour match record 40lbs 12oz.

Lakeview Complex

The Complex is made up of 11 lakes with varied depths and mostly 13m is needed to reach the Island. The lakes are stocked predominantly with Carp and F1s. Match weights go in excess of 100lbs with very skilled tactics needed.

There is a cafe, bait bar and toilets on site, with suitable paths and car parks around the complex.


Map to Lakeview